Incident at Cala Fecundo

Minutes passed before she spoke again. ‘I’m sure the arm moved, so she must be OK.’

He gave in, opened his eyes and sat up next to her, their oiled legs roasting in the midday sun. ‘My god, she’s still there!’

‘They’ll be burnt to a crisp,’ she replied with a wicked smile. ‘And you snored your way through all the fun.’

He scanned the empty beach. ‘What d’you mean, ‘fun’?’

‘Some local in Speedos offered her an ice cream and before she could say ‘I’ll have a ‘99’ he was on top of her, just like that!’

‘Good grief, that’s disgusting, children use this beach. So when did he leave?’

‘He didn’t. He’s underneath. Look, there’s a third leg sticking out the sand. Oh dear – they’re off, they’re doing it again!’

‘Let them burn, if that’s what they want, dirty rabbits. Anyway, if it’s really bothering you, go and tell them to stop.’

‘Why should I? She’s your Gran, not mine.’

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