Spoofflé – freshly baked satire


I’m Tim Neill and Spoofflé is my baby.

I’m a British writer who relishes twisting and exaggerating events that have tickled me in the real world then cooking them up as light, satirical twaddle.

I hope you’ll have a chuckle too. If you enjoy irreverent satire, please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ with your friends on facial media, because life is too short and far too serious. I call it my ‘daily dose of daft’.

Did you know that each time you laugh, you add 0.03 seconds to your life? No, I didn’t either.

All of the material on Spoofflé is completely fictitious, from the daily spoof news items to the selection of my short stories.

There’s loads of stuff buried here, some diamonds I hope and probably a few turds. The ‘Search’ box works really well – just type in one or more words to dig them up.

Please leave comments if you feel moved. I’d love to hear from you and I hope you’ll get into the habit of popping in to Spoofflé every day to get a quick fix of nonsense.

See you tomorrow!