Aldi launches luxury Brussels sprouts filled with caviar

Aldi has revealed its ‘Fishmonger’ range of luxury Christmas canapés, starting with their caviar-stuffed Brussels sprouts.

Marketing Director Miriam Caxton told Spoofflé that the new product had been developed in response to growing customer demand for a sprout that wouldn’t  remind them of school dinners. ‘We’re very excited about this new dish,’ she said. ‘The caviar is sourced from our own Sturgeon fishermen and they are all line-caught.’

Other festive gourmet snacks in the ‘Fishermonger’ range include baked garlic cod’s eyes, an Alaskan shrimp and banana mousse and crispy breaded Hake scales, all priced at £2.99 each or four for £10.

Food critic and Masterchef judge William Sitwell tasted the range for Spoofflé. ‘Extraordinarily brave,’ he said.