ASDA launches clearer food nutrition labels

Grocery giant ASDA has dropped traffic light nutrition labelling, in use since 2013.

From December 1st, all products will instead carry a new ‘body outcome’ indicator, reflecting the consumer’s likely profile if they were to eat the product every day for twenty five years.

Obesity Assurance Director Karen Grindley told us: “Our studies showed that ASDA customers didn’t understand the big words in the nutrition information and often they thought the traffic lights pictures were some sort of kids’ game.”

We asked shopper Arthur Legge, a slim 82 year old retired handlebar repair engineer, what he made of the new labels.

“Well speaking personally, just for myself like, I think they’re a brilliant idea,” he said, pointing at the 3,800 calorie Mama Mia six-cheese pizza in his basket.

“If it’s going to take twenty five years to make me that fat, what’s the problem? I’ll be gone in ten.”