B&Q slash price of home snow-maker to £49.99

Stocks of the popular ChrystalBlaster 3000 snow-maker were running low this morning at B&Q stores across the UK.

Priced at an incredible £49.99, the machine (RRP £500) is capable of covering a typical family garden with a 5cm sparkling layer in under an hour.

Father of eleven plumber Eric Cranston told Spoofflé: ‘It’s absolute magic, the kids love it and all the neighbours is so jealous.’

The Cranston’s home is still the only house in the street with snow on the garden. Youngest son Damien, 6, was over the moon. ‘I’d been like really really upset when Dad told me the iPad he’d bringed me for Chrimas only had a crummy 64Gb memory so like, I’d been crying all night ‘cos that’s so cruel. Then I looked out the window and saw the snow! My Dad’s the greatest!’