Jeremy Corbyn says Spoofflé ‘very silly indeed’

Spoofflé prides itself on bringing you the latest extraordinary news, not actually being the news.

However, in an uncharacteristic outburst at an Islington farmers’ market, the Labour leader lost his cool today when a man with a huge Nopal challenged him on why, as Spoofflé reported earlier today, Labour still tolerated anti-cementism. “I’m sorry, but that type of gutter journalism has no place in political media,” he said.

Mother of six Carrie Sprout spoke up to support the new Blog. “I love Spoofflé,” she told him. “All my friends read it, and our kids too. And Irish Joey down the offie, he reads it all the time. It’s like, well, it’s honest innit? I mean, who else you gonna believe, eh?”

Mr Corbyn refused to agree. “No, no, no!  It’s not news – it’s fake, don’t you realise? I think Spoofflé is really very silly indeed. It’s just ridiculous.”