Dorset man didn’t know he could still shave during lockdown

As thousands of mop-headed men queued outside barber shops this week for their first haircut since March, a Dorset man claims he didn’t know he was supposed to keep shaving during the coronavirus lockdown.

Accounts clerk Martin Jarvis from Wareham told us: “I honestly never thought about shaving, I mean, I’ve never had a beard in my life but I just assumed it was all part of not being able to have a haircut.”

Martin (51) tells us he noticed all his workmates on Zoom meetings had also grown beards but didn’t like to comment on them.

“My wife really doesn’t like it and keeps nagging me to shave,” he says, “but since all the accounts team had one I just thought we were supposed to. Now I find out I could have been shaving every morning since March.”