Free scheme gives dogs their own organ donor card

For Veterinary Surgeons, the extreme lack of suitable donor organs and particularly fresh bone marrow, has for years been a major problem, often preventing life-saving pet operations.

But now a small Swedish firm has launched the world’s first organ donor card for dogs. The free service, known as ‘BonaFido’, enables dog owners to register their pet’s details on a central database, in return for which they receive a donor card which attaches to the dog’s collar.

Sven Svensson, CEO of MalmoTech, told our technology correspondent Dr Crispin Theodore Grundwald how the scheme works. ‘It is being quite simple,’ he said. ‘If your dog he is being overrun by some cars, then his bits they are used quite quickly fresh by the vets who needs it, not just going into the bins.’

TV’s Super Vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, welcomed the new scheme. ‘I’m always running out of bone marrow, always, so I’m thrilled to bits by this. Top marks to MalmoTech!’

Animal rights campaigners have been quick to criticise the development, although the company claims that donor dogs must in fact give their consent to wearing the tag by barking twice at prompt cards depicting photos of country walks and a lead. These are included in the product pack.