New Belgian gadget grows square apples

A Belgian entrepreneur has perfected a simple new device which he claims produces perfectly square apples every time.

The ‘PommeCube’ is the brainchild of Dr Stefan De Smet from the University of Ghent, an agricultural aid he has dreamed of since he was a child.

Known only for dark chocolates, sugary waffles and a very good cyclist about fifty years ago, Belgium is set to show the world with this product just how far their technology has come. Dr De Smet told us: ‘The PommeCube she is being maked from the Perspex and will be growing the apples up to big ones.’

We understand that the ‘PommeCube’ complies fully with EU Apple Standards Directive ASD-409/APP/236a-07 and will be priced ‘around 25 Euros’. We asked Dr De Smet about his manufacturing capacity and he said: ‘I am making just the one of her right now but I am thinking it must be possible to be making others too.’