New dating agency matches the wily with the wealthy

A new matchmaking agency promises to take the hard work out of finding and marrying a much older and far wealthier partner.

Chelsea based ‘Rainbows’ is the brainchild of thirty-six year old ex-model Conceptua Perez who told Spoofflé how the service works.

‘I just love really, really rich old guys, like in their late nineties or whatever,’ she said. ‘It’s just something I admire about them, you know? But it takes an absolute age messing about, first pretending to be their carer, then having to laugh at all their jokes and all that rubbish. I mean, it took at least a year to wheel my fifth husband down the aisle and who wants to wait that long?’

The ‘Rainbows’ web site claims to offer ‘young, good looking, self-centred people of any gender the opportunity to date and swiftly wed single individuals with net assets in excess of £75 million, for a modest annual membership fee of £795.’