New electronic tag tracks criminals’ lifestyle

Good news this week for health-conscious convicted offenders with the launch of a combined ankle tag and fitness tracker.

The CrimBit 1000 is the result of collaboration between market leader Fitbit and SSI Inc., a division of Huawei. A spokeswoman for SSI (company slogan: ‘Your data is our data’) explained the background to Spoofflé:

“Crim with tag he like keep fit but he tell us when run holding goods like TV or tray of watch then Fitbit on wrist not register steps. CrimBit 1000 always count step, because on ankle. Clever, eh?”

The UK Government’s Electronic Monitoring Service (EMS) has confirmed that all location and health data gathered on tagged offenders would be securely stored on Huawei’s servers in Shenzhen and passed back to anyone who wanted it via 5G.