New fridge door guide will reduce wasted food

The Food Standards Agency has issued a simple guide to help people decide whether the food in their fridge is still safe to eat. The move is in response to widespread consumer cynicism towards the ‘Use by’ dates printed on product packaging.

The agency hopes that more people, especially busy young professionals, will think carefully before throwing out perfectly good food.

The guides are printed on stiff card, come as a set of five covering the most popular foodstuffs and are equipped with fridge door magnets.

Our Health Editor Dr Cressida Thompson-Bone spoke this morning to students outside the University of Learning and asked them how they decided whether food was still fit to eat.

Sam Tandridge, 18, who is studying ‘Trends in Spotify’, looked at all the photos but still appeared confused. “So, what’s wrong with them?” he said. “I don’t get it”.