New! Luxury brand packaging for waste bin ‘virtue signallers’

Your recycling bins say a lot about your income and your tastes. But it’s an expensive business keeping up with the neighbours blatantly signalling the expensive brands you’re able to buy, with carefully placed packaging somehow always on top of other refuse.

Now a Chester company has come up with the answer: a flat-pack of 36 dummy boxes and bags carrying a variety of top product packaging, guaranteed to leave the Jones’s smarting with envy. Allinson Products says it is simply responding to middle class demand and has been struggling to keep up with an avalanche of orders since launching in June this year.

Marketing Manager Eve Gibson told us: ‘It makes sense doesn’t it? I mean, why spend twelve grand actually buying B&O speakers and a Rolex Oyster when for £19.99 you can let everyone in the street think you have? It’s a no-brainer.’