New phone lasts 12 months on a single charge

Business users can finally say goodbye to the inconvenience of having to charge their mobile phone every few days.

Indian manufacturer Rajaring last week unveiled the BigBoy ‘Super Charge’, a mobile with an incredible 640,000 mAh battery capacity giving up to a whole year’s calls and texts on a single charge.

The company’s Marketing Director Kapila Ghoshal spoke to Spoofflé last night. ‘This is being an extremely magnificent incredible device, he said. ‘It is of course designing for strong man or woman, since it is being more big than smaller phones.’

The spec. we received lists the weight of the ‘Super Charge’ at just over 17Kg with a strong array of facilities including a compass, a 100 watt torch and a beard trimmer.

Our Technology Correspondent Dr Crispin Grundwald was impressed with the features but wondered whether the three week charging time might be a turn-off for today’s busy user.