Scotland prepares to defend Rockall against illegal Irish fishing

The 30 metre wide, uninhabited islet of Rockall in the North Atlantic has recently been reinforced to deter Irish boats from fishing within a disputed 12 mile radius.

Fourth generation kipper fisherman Hamish McGill, 58, says the government-funded defences are long overdue.

“Och aye, it’s a heck o’ a problem,” he told Spoofflé. “Up to now all me and the lads could do was lob a few hot tatties at them but that dis’na put the wee paddies off.”

Mr McGill hopes the triple 70mm gun emplacements and a network of tethered mines will do the trick.

“Kippers are ma’ livelihood,” he said. “If I canna catch a ton o’ the wee smokies every trip I may as well sell the boat take up haggis farming.”