Spare hand touches toilet doors so you don’t have to

A new product from Germany could make visiting public toilets a far more hygienic experience.

The ‘Handi-lav’ from Bogwerke AG is a lightweight third hand which fits into an unobtrusive shoulder holster and is available in right or left handed models.

The basic £39.99 product may be used to push or pull a door, without the need to touch bacteria-laden handles.

However, the company is shortly to launch a fully articulated, battery-powered third hand for men and women. European Marketing Director Hans Grippen explained the new product to Spoofflé:

“The Handi-lav Pro is being of greatest usefulness to business mens and womens who also must be shaking the hands of strange people who are perhaps not always washing of the hands after the poo poo.”

The Pro version is expected to retail in the UK for around £120 and will be available in the Autumn from Amazon and major branches of Boots.