Suffolk man finds proof that Mars Bars used to be two feet long

For years, Ipswich plumber Arnie Fawcett, 64, has been complaining to his grandchildren how much larger their favourite chocolate biscuits were when he was a lad.

But none of them believed him. Until last Friday.

While clearing out his loft, Mr Fawcett stumbled on an old photo album which included a snap taken on a family picnic in 1971.

“I was absolutely gob smacked,” he told our reporter, “I mean it’s obvious they keep cutting the size while putting up the price but until I saw that old piccie, I hadn’t realised quite how big they used to be.”

As a boy, he recalls setting off for school with a packed lunch in his satchel. “A Wagon Wheel wouldn’t fit in my bag so I used to strap it to the handlebars with a rope.

“And the Mars Bar, well there was no way I could carry the thing so my Dad used to saw it into five pieces on a Sunday night and I’d take one of them each day.”