Trump’s 38th food taster dies

Danger for US ex-special forces trooper Charles ‘Iron Man’ Franklin has come in many forms: free-fall testing parachutes stitched by blind ISIS prisoners, uni-cycling backwards down Mount Everest and three years as an alligator dentist in the swamps of Florida.

But on Friday night, luck finally ran out for the one-legged, three fingered veteran when he became the 38th White House food taster to die.

Half-way through sampling a claw from President Trump’s steamed lobster bedtime supper, Sergeant Franklin, 47, suddenly clutched his stomach, for an unknown reason yelled ‘Code 50!’ and promptly expired.

The White House was quick to praise the decorated veteran on its web site for his bravery and self-sacrifice and lost no time in advertising an ‘unexpected vacancy’ for the $850,000 per annum position.

A source tells us that no applications have yet been received.