Tui offering cut-price Caribbean flights with seats as an upgrade

Holiday firm Tui has stolen a march on its rivals by offering low price, long haul flights without seating. A family of four can now afford to fly return from London Gatwick to Barbados for only £69 each, a saving of over £550 on the regular seated price.

The company’s web site also lists separately priced, in-flight extras including toilet access (£14.99 per visit), water (£9.99 for a 300ml bottle) and blanket hire (£16.50 per person).

Spoofflé spoke to mother of three Sandra Gaylord and her husband as they passed through Gatwick customs. ‘To be honest, we was a bit worried about the flight,’ she said. ‘But actually, it turned out great. The kids could skateboard the whole length of the cabin, Grant and me watched videos in our sleeping bags and we’d brought loads of sandwiches. And we all went to the loo before we left so that saved us another sixty quid.’

A representative of the airline told us: ‘Tui offers outstanding holiday experiences at luxury resorts at highly affordable prices. Our new ‘World Saver’ service is proving extremely popular amongst families, gap year students and business people whose companies aren’t doing so well.’





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