Zoom ‘Image Booster’ app hides the miserable home you actually live in

It’s a common problem in this pandemic lockdown: how to appear in Zoom meetings without revealing the disheveled bedroom or drab sitting room behind you.

But now Zoom Inc. has launched a £9.99 app which lets you easily build highly impressive background images using an extensive library of rooms and over 7,000 artefacts.

Our Technology correspondent Dr Crispin Grundwald demonstrated the program during this morning’s Spoofflé staff Zoom meeting. He started the meeting sitting as usual in his bedroom (image below) before switching to his new ‘Image Booster’ background.

“It’s a really incredible tool,” he said. “First I chose a study with the massive dark oak desk I’ve always wanted and within a few minutes I’d added all the things I know will impress work colleagues and all the other leading scientists I meet virtually every day.”

Crispin’s new room includes numerous trophies, framed certificates, medals for bravery, an Oscar, a print of Marilyn Monroe signed by Andy Warhol and even a Les Paul Classic. Once built, the room and its contents are saved as a jpeg to be imported to Zoom as a custom background image.

“The only downside”, adds Crispin, “is when the meeting ends and I remember where I live.”